Four Times You May Need Commercial or Residential Storage in Flint

At B & J Moving and Storage, we’ve been in the industry since 1920, over which time we’ve worked with thousands of individuals, families, and businesses at every stage of the moving process. And though we specialize in both moving and storage in Flint, we find that many of our clients aren’t sure when they might need storage—of course, until they find themselves needing it!

So to help you best prepare for the future, we wanted to share four common times you might find yourself wishing for commercial or residential storage in Flint.

1. Things are piling up.

This one’s pretty obvious. If you’re tired of wading through stacks of household décor, office records, or various knick-knacks, it’s probably time for two things:

1.  Spring Cleaning: Spend a few hours here and there going through items stacked around your home or office. Donate or toss what you can, and then think about putting what’s left in storage.

2.  Residential or Commercial Storage: Depending on the nature of your items, you can choose between short- and long-term storage in Flint. Short-term works great if you’re planning to clean/toss enough to make space at home or in the office; if not, long-term storage may be the better option.

2. You’re moving homes or offices.

The weeks and months leading up to a relocation can be hectic and stressful, and having tons of stuff laying around the home or office can get frustrating fast. If you know you won’t need an item between now and moving day, why not put it into residential or commercial storage?

If you work with a full-service company like B & J Moving and Storage, you’ll get the added benefit of a seamless transition from your current home to the storage facility and, finally, to your new place.

3. Business is growing.

Whether you’re managing a traditional office or are running a business from home, you may find yourself in need of Flint commercial storage when:

·  You have extra inventory in stock.

·  You want a more spacious office set-up.

·  You’ve hired a new employee or two.

·  You’d rather not handle sensitive records or documents on your own premises.

4. Someone’s moving in (or moving out).

You may think that you’ll only need Flint residential storage when the entire family is relocating houses, but in our experience, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Many families find themselves in need of storage whenever anyone moves in or out of the home: a child going off to college, a divorce being finalized, or aging relatives moving in (or moving on to an assisted living home). It can also include a different sort of “move-in”—having a new baby arrive!

So if you’re about to face a life change at home, having a convenient storage facility on hand will probably help.

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