The Five Best Tips for Moving With Children

As a parent, you’re constantly striving to give your children the most supportive and encouraging environment—but it can be hard to be there for your little ones while also trying to make a household move. If you’re long distance moving with kids, make the trip to or from Michigan easier for you and your children by following our five tips below!

1. Include Your Children.

Remember what it was like to be a kid? You were probably told what to do all the time, without much discussion or explanation. That’s exactly what not to do while you move!

Long distance moving can be scary for children, and they need to be included as much as possible so that they feel invested and informed about what’s happening. Tell them all about your new home, explain why you’re moving, and listen to any concerns they might have.

2. Ask for Help With Specific Tasks.

A great way to include your children is to ask for help! Just be sure to give them clear, specific tasks that are appropriate for their age. For example, you probably don’t want your first-grader packing up priceless family photos from the 1800s.

Here are a few kid-friendly tasks:

·  Sorting through their own clothes to donate

·  Packing, boxing, and taping non-fragile items like pillows and linens

·  Labeling and placing price stickers on any items for sale

3. Work While the Kids Are Busy.

For long distance moving tasks best handled alone, try to complete them while your kids are napping, off to bed, or at school. With a quieter house, you’ll be able to concentrate and avoid the stress of kids arguing over what gets tossed.

If you have a partner or caretaker, you can also use this “me time” to drop off items at your local donation center, meet buyers for anything you’re selling, stock up on packing supplies, and research potential moving services.

4. Hire Michigan Movers.

It’s no secret that long distance moving can be a real challenge, and it’s only harder when children are involved. Even without children, many families hire Michigan movers for help with more complex moving services such as:

·  Specialized packing for fragile or high-value items

·  Custom crating for large, bulky items

·  Shipping for cars, boats, and RVs

·  Pre- or post-move household storage

5. Start Today.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to begin planning way earlier than you think necessary. By giving yourself plenty of time—up to six months even, if possible—you’ll avoid feeling frazzled and passing all that pent-up stress down to your kids. In fact, no matter when your long distance moving project may be scheduled, there’s no better time to begin than today! Start your move early with a free consultation from your local experts at B & J Moving and Storage. Our Michigan movers have provided expert moving services for families with children since 1920, and we’d love to help you next. Submit our online form to request your free long distance moving quote, or call us now to speak with a friendly relocation specialist!