Tips For Moving During The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone, we’ve made it past Black Friday, and it’s safe to say that the holiday season is now in full swing. While many homeowners are excited to unpack their Christmas ornaments and decorate their homes, if you’re planning a household move sometime in the next couple of months, you might not be feeling the holiday spirit as strongly as you have in years past.

Moving, in general, is not an easy task, and it might seem rather overwhelming if you’re scheduled to move during one of the most social and event-filled times of the year. However, according to professional full-service movers, a holiday move can be easier with the right preparation.

At B & J Moving and Storage, a trusted Lansing moving company, we’ve been moving families over the holidays, throughout the spring, during the summer and over the fall since 1920. If you’re planning a move soon, take a look at how you can make end-of-the-year relocations smooth and easy with our favorite tips for planning a hassle-free move over the holidays.

Navigating the Holiday Schedule

Planning a holiday move is just like preparing for a move during any other month of the year, with a couple of differences. Like any other move, a holiday relocation requires prior planning and scheduling, and ideally, booking in advance with professional movers. Unlike the summertime, the holiday season is not peak season for moving and storage companies. This means that you’re likely to be able to plan your moving dates with more flexibility and quite possibly at lower rates over the holiday season than during other times of the year.

Even so, if you are planning to hire full-service movers, it is highly recommended to find and book a reliable company as soon as possible. Specific dates over the holidays might be difficult to book, and can sometimes cost more than moving on regular days, so you also need to prepare your budget. If you need certain documents or permits for your move, take care of these as soon as you can because certain government offices and agencies will be closed in some days during the holiday season. 

Budgeting Your Move Over the Holidays

With all the gifts that you need to buy for your loved ones, the travel expenses for your holiday trip, plus all the costs related to the move, it is important to budget your move carefully. Look for ways to save money for the move, like choosing mid-week dates instead of moving over the holiday weekend because moving and storage companies will most likely be short-staffed during the weekend.

Hiring Professional Full Service Movers

Research the internet for a reliable Lansing moving company that can help you move smoothly and without any trouble. As soon as you have a specific target move date, contact your expert movers and confirm if they are free on that particular date.

Although it may seem like getting help from movers is an additional expense, take into consideration that their assistance will not only significantly speed up your move, but will also make everything much more convenient for you. From the packing, loading, and transport or storage of your household items, professional movers can be relied on to help you pack properly and to quickly move large, small, heavy, and fragile items efficiently without the risk of damage or loss of your belongings.

Check the Weather

Stay updated on weather forecasts days or a week prior to your move date to avoid inconveniences and even accidents. If you’re from the Northeast and Midwest, the weather can be cold and sometimes frigid. Harsh weather conditions such as blizzards are common during the holiday season, so you need to take this into consideration and reschedule if necessary.

If the cold weather is manageable, still be prepared with the proper supplies, tools, and winter-ready garments. As much as possible, pack your belongings in waterproof containers and clear your sidewalk and driveway from snow and ice.

Family Concerns

Prepare your whole family, especially the kids, for the move and assist them during the adjustment period. Ensure that all essential documents and records are with you to prevent any potential problems in the future. You can also use the packing and unpacking process as ways to bond with your family.

If you are looking for an experienced Lansing moving company that you can rely on for your holiday move, B & J Moving and Storage is the company to call. Whether you need to move just down the block or are planning long-distance relocation, our experts can provide the assistance that you need. Call us now or fill out this online form to learn more about the services we provide for household moving in Lansing and the surrounding area and get started with a free, no-obligation estimate.