What to Expect From Residential Movers in Lansing

When you’re looking to move your house or apartment—whether within Lansing or across the country—it can feel overwhelming just knowing where to begin. That’s why today we’d like to share a basic guide to residential movers, including the different kinds you may encounter and their various specialties. We hope this will help you start your household move with confidence!

Different types of residential movers

Given the huge number of households in Lansing alone and the great diversity between them (in terms of size, lifestyle, income, and so on), it’s no surprise that there are many kinds of residential movers—each specializing in a different service. 

Just a few of these popular household moving services include:

  • Apartment Movers: With narrow staircases, service elevators, and tight doorways, apartment moving presents its own set of challenges. Working with a professional apartment moving company can help ensure that your move is properly scheduled and your items arrive in one piece.
  • Furniture Movers: Some people prefer to handle their own personal belongings and decorations but want assistance with the heavy stuff. Furniture movers have specialized equipment, padding/packing materials, and manpower to transport everything from fragile antiques to bulky exercise equipment and armoires.
  • Full-Service Movers: For those who want the least stress and responsibility, a full-service move can’t be beat. These luxury moves cover every aspect of your household relocation: planning, packing, transport, and delivery. You can typically request additional services like set-up, debris removal, and even cleaning.

Different types of household moves

Just as you can hire residential movers for different types of tasks, you can also hire them for different distances:

  • Local Movers: As the name suggests, local movers concentrate on relocations within the generally surrounding area. They can usually also help with short- or long-term storage.
  • Long-Distance Movers: Long-distance moving includes everything from just over state lines to across the country. Working with skilled long-distance movers ensures that your belongings are transported by a licensed company that provides mandated valuation coverage. Long-distance moving companies are also typically affiliated with a recognized van line, giving you even greater quality assurance.
  • International Movers: As far as moves go, nothing is more complex than an international relocation. International movers not only take care of physically packing and shipping your goods—they can also help with customs clearance and destination services.

Choosing your Lansing residential movers

Now that you know a little bit more, you may be wonderinghow to actually choose the right residential movers. And the best piece of advice? Choose household movers who are equipped to handle every single task and every single distance.

By doing so, you’ll give yourself as much flexibility as possible. For example, you may think that you only want furniture moving…but then realize later that you actually want something a little more white glove. Similarly, you may not need an international mover now, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a reputable company already picked out? 

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